Hacks for Finding a Great Locksmith

You come home from a long day of work, only to find the house key missing from your key ring or the front door lock broken. You’re locked out of the one place you feel safe and secure.

Do not panic! That is the first mistake most people make when they encounter a home lockout or car lockout. The second mistake is calling the first locksmith to pop up on a smartphone browser – the ad offering “cut-rate emergency services” for under $50. These are locksmith scammers with no license, no formal training, no physical business address, and no qualms whatsoever in charging you hundreds, even thousands of dollars once they recklessly drill into your door lock.

And they’re one of the fastest growing frauds in the United States, according to the Consumer Federation of America and the Better Business Bureau. Locksmith scammers have become so widespread they’ve even been the subject of recent national news reports and New York Times articles.

Do not panic! For every scammer there are dozens of legitimate locksmiths dedicated to providing professional, expert services with the backing of local and national associations to confirm their legitimacy. These are the locksmiths you need in a crisis. These are the locksmiths who will not rip you off and/or pass on vital security information that can threaten your family’s safety. Follow these steps to ensure you don’t fall prey to the illegal scammers:

Look: Does the locksmith offer absurdly low prices — $30 to $70 — for emergency services? Does the contact information lack a legitimate business address? Is the locksmith’s only tool a drill when they arrive to your home? Is the locksmith wearing street clothes instead of a uniform with an official business logo or identification?  If the answer is “yes” to any or all of these questions, the chances are you’ve come across a scammer.

Listen: Is the locksmith courteous, professional, and knowledgeable about your emergency? Does the locksmith quote prices different from those advertised? Does the locksmith avoid questions about the service and cost? Does the locksmith use bullying or intimidating tactics to force you to pay? This is most likely a scammer.

Learn: Stay informed of local scams and use all available resources to background check the locksmith you call. Your first resources should always be 1-800-UNLOCK.com and FairTradeLocksmiths.com. Our newly launched verified locksmith database includes only legitimate locksmiths who provide honest services backed by certified training and years of experience. If you have the means to look up a locksmith online, you have the means to locate a real locksmith through us — anytime, anyplace, any emergency.