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  • Sam Wilson Post author

    A licensed mobile locksmith that can do the job!

  • Mary

    My car was stolen right out of my driveway late at night. After a 2 hour hunt with NPD, the police found my car. I had been working so much that I accidentally had left my key fob inside my vehicle so that gave this criminal and easy get away. Luckily, I still had my emergency key, my no back up key fob. After the police found my car they brought it to the police impound, where it was finger printed. The doors were locked and the car thief had kept my key fob. On Thursday, I had to work early, and obviously was forced to take an Uber. Throughout my workday I was trying to figure out how I was going to get my car unlocked, old key fob removed and get a new one. I was mortified at the expense of was in front of me. The dealership quoted me some astronomical price, which also included me having to get the car towed to them. I called around different locksmiths. I finally came across Ed at Bell’s 24 Hour Lock and Key. When I called him, he answered quickly and told me exactly what I wanted to hear. He was going to be able to get into my vehicle, delete the stolen fob, program a new key fob all in less than 15 minutes. His prices are MORE than fair and are much better and practical than that of anyone else I spoke to. I have to say, Ed saved the day. I also had read some reviews about this man and this company. Most of the reviews were exactly what I experienced. To the negative reviews, I can’t really believe any of them. This man is absolutely the best at what he does. His customer service is phenomenal. I absolutely will recommend him to ANYONE that needs his service! Thank you, Ed!

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