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Benefits of Using One Source, 1-800-Unlocks, For Your Locksmith Services

Niche Specific

We take locksmithing seriously, it's all we do. Therefore our expert team is best suited to manage your needs.

Cost Efficient

By working with us, you'll get honest advice, avoid scams, and prevent un-necessary and expensive lock services.

Seamless Process

Save time by confidently offloading work to our specialized team. We'll take the job from work order to finished.

We can rekey locks without changing the entire lock itself

Smart locks with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth integration allow you to grant access to friends, family, contractors, and guests in a variety of ways. You can create unique codes for each user that expire after one use, or after a set amount of time.

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All companies have excellent reputations and reviews.

Skilled Locksmiths

All our locksmiths are skilled and have years of experience.

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Our locksmiths will never surprise you with hidden fees.

Insurance & Licensing Is On File

Our locksmiths carry insurance and are properly licensed where required.

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Helping Our Customers Find Local, Verified Locksmiths Since 1995

"Every experience I’ve had here are great: rekeying locks, making keys. Folks are very knowledgeable and helpful. Most recently they repaired a key fob for me that would have cost hundreds to replace."
Paul P.
Richmond, Virginia
"They helped me rekey my entire house a few weeks ago! They came right away, were super nice and made sure each lock worked when they were done 🙂 "
Kelsey L.
Columbus, Ohio
"Daniel did an amazing job re-keying our whole house. The job was difficult due to old locks etc but he was able to repair the broken ones or replace them from his supplies."
Jane C.
Los Angeles, California

Need More Local Locksmith Services?

1-800-Unlocks is THE place to hire licensed and verified professional locksmiths nationwide.

Below are some of the top services our locksmiths can provide.


Fleet Car Keys

Need spare keys for your company vehicles? Save over 50% compared to dealerships.

commercial metal door installation

Door Services

Our locksmiths can help with replacing your hollow metal doors and frames.

High-Quality Safes

How do you secure your valuables? We sell and repair high-quality home safes of all types and sizes.

intercom door buzzer installation

Door Buzzer System

A door buzzer allows you to keep your doors locked during business hours while letting in only specific people.

A door closer in action.

Door Closers

A broken or malfunctioning door closer can cause your business door to slam closed, to not close at all, or even to leak fluid onto the ground.

lock cylinder ready to be rekeyed

Lock Rekeying

When an employee quits or is fired, and they don't return your key, we can rekey your locks to ensure your office is secured.

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Sign up for special deals, security tips, and other locksmith service content from 1-800-Unlocks.

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