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Safe & Vault Locksmiths have undergone training and education to be able to change safe combinations, unlock safes, open safes, replace safe locks, and more.

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Have you lost or forgotten the combination to your safe? Is your safe shut? This is one of the most common reasons locksmiths are called to work on a safe. A good locksmith can usually crack your safe for you without damaging it, or, if necessary, can carefully drill the safe so that it can be repaired and continue to function.

You need a professional, verified safe locksmith if:

  • Your safe won’t open and you need to gain access

  • Your safe’s door handle spins

  • You’ve lost or forgotten the combination

  • You need the safe combination changed

  • You want help choosing or installing a safe

1-800-Unlocks is the only locksmith directory site you’ll ever need in order to find a real and local professional safe locksmith.

Why? Because 1-800-Unlocks was started by locksmiths and we only work with verified locksmiths that are fully insured, licensed, trained, affordable and of course, know exactly how to do the job you need done.

Safes can also fail in many different ways, and since safes are meant to be secure containers, it’s not always easy to determine the true reason why they have malfunctioned. Even if you know your code, you may not be able to get into your safe if it’s not working correctly. For example, the combination dial may not have had the proper maintenance recently.

Our Safe Locksmiths Have The Right Credentials & Offer Many Services

When you choose 1-800-Unlocks, you’re choosing a full-service locksmith that works on the whole safe, including combination and electronic safe locks. Our locksmiths work with gun safes, home safes, fireproof safes, security safes, electronic safes, combination safes, gun vaults, vault doors, small gun safes, long gun safes, and jewelry safes.

Many of our locksmiths are members of SAVTA. SAVTA stands for the Safe & Vault Technician Association. This association helps to keep our technicians up to date on all the latest security trends and training for all safe locksmith services, including safe opening services, safe drilling, safe lockout assistance, safe scoping, and more.

safe combination change

Safe Combination Change

Changing your safe combination is important if there's been a change in who has access to a safe or vault, but safe locksmiths also recommend that safe combinations be changed every so often as a part of normal security measures. For some safes, changing the combination requires following some simple manufacturer instructions. For other safes, the process is more complicated. In these cases, a professional locksmith may be the best option, as they will be able to quickly and easily change your lock combination.

drilling out a safe lock

Safe Cracking

It’s easy to lose or forget the combination to your safe, and that’s where a professional locksmith comes in. A safe locksmith can open your safe with minimal trouble, time, and damage. Even if a locksmith has to drill your safe to get in, a professional will know exactly where to drill to open your safe without damaging its workings. The goal is to make sure the drill point is properly aligned in order to gain entry. They will also be able to repair the safe afterward so that it functions properly and appears untouched.

safe installation-large floor safes

Safe Installation

Even the highest quality safe isn’t useful if a burglar can simply make off with it. A safe should be installed by being securely attached to an exterior wall or to a concrete or brick floor. You can install most safes yourself, but a family-owned professional brings the skills, expertise, and tools necessary to ensure that your safe is properly installed and secure enough to deter any would-be thieves. We can even install your wall safe or floor safe.

moving a safe

Safe Moving

Not only do most local locksmiths offer safe cracking and repair services, they also typically stock a selection of safes that they can help you choose from. Once you’ve decided on the right safe for you, we will usually be able to deliver the safe to you and even carry it straight to the location where you plan to install it. Delivery is an important consideration when buying a safe, since safes are necessarily heavy for their size, and even small ones can be tricky and expensive to ship.

red safe with open door

Safe Unlocking

Because safes are meant to protect valuable items, it’s important to be able to get into your safe when you need to. However, safe locks do wear out over time and sometimes malfunction. When this happens, you may not be able to unlock your safe even if you have the correct combination. No matter what type of safe you have, a professional locksmith will be able to explain the unlocking process and may be able to repair it for you if it’s not functioning properly. It's very rare that we can't get your safe open with a small hole. If repair isn’t possible, your locksmith can offer advice on other methods, such as the best replacement for your safe.

Learn More About Locksmiths That Specialize in All Things Safes

The team at 1-800-Unlocks is so focused on making sure you hire a legitimate professional that we’ve made videos to highlight in detail what to expect when you contact a local company and what services a safe locksmith should be capable of performing.

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Safe Sales, Service, and Installation For Your Home or Business

Gardall gun safe with combination lock

For a quality safe with a 2-hour fire rating – speak with a local safe locksmith.

Why buy a safe from a locksmith? There are lots of good reasons why a professional locksmith, not a big-box retailer or website, should be your first stop when you’re choosing a safe.

  • Locksmiths sell high-quality safes and offer a full-service experience. Locksmiths sell the best safes in the world, and only a highly-trained locksmith will provide repair and maintenance services after you invest in a safe. Go to a big-box retail store and you will only find cheaply made imported safes made of low-grade steel (and often flimsy reinforcement material), clerks with virtually no knowledge of safe technology, and absolutely no after-sale service.
  • Locksmiths know safes and can steer you to the right one for you. Professional locksmiths are not only experts in all types and brands of safes, they are highly-trained safe installers who can assist you in identifying the perfect safe for your home or business. When buying a safe, you should consider four key aspects: size or capacity, your desired location, type and degree of protection, and cost relative to protection. A locksmith can help you weigh all these factors.

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Don’t make the mistake of investing in a poorly made safe purchased from a store that sells safes as an afterthought. Always choose a professional locksmith when considering adding a safe to your home or business security.

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