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Why buy a safe from a locksmith? Because locksmiths sell the best safes in the world, and only a highly-trained locksmith will provide repair and maintenance services after you invest in a safe. Go to a big-box retail store and you will only find cheaply made imported safes made of low-grade steel (and often flimsy reinforcement material), clerks with virtually no knowledge of safe technology, and absolutely no after-sale service.

Finding the right safe can be a difficult task unless you go to a knowledgeable locksmith to help choose the safe best suited to your needs. Professional locksmiths are not only experts in all types and brands of safes, they are highly-trained safe installers who can assist you in identifying the perfect safe for your home or business.

Will a retail store deliver and install my safe? Not likely. Once they sell their cheap product, the rest is up to you. Burglars love poorly installed safes, since they can simply wheel them from your property and open them in the privacy of their hideouts.

When buying a safe there you should consider four key aspects: size or capacity, your desired location, type and degree of protection, and cost relative to protection. Your neighborhood locksmith can make the decision process for these much easier, based on years of training and experience.

To locate a safe locksmith near you, enter your zip code above. Our locksmiths carry the best safes, at reasonable prices, backed by full after-sale service should you need it. Don’t make the mistake of investing in a poorly made safe purchased from a store that sells safes as an afterthought. Always choose a professional locksmith when considering adding a safe to your home or business security.

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When you choose 1800-Unlocks, you’re choosing a full-service locksmith that works on the whole safe including combination and electronic safe locks. Our locksmiths work with Gun Safe, Home Safe, Fireproof Safe, Security Safe, Gun Vaults, Vault Doors, Small Gun Safes, Long Gun Safes, and Jewelry Safes. Many of our locksmiths are members of SAVTA. SAVTA stands for Safe & Vault Technician Association. This association helps to keep our technicians up to date on all the latest security trends and training for all safe locksmith services such as:

Safe Moving

Safe Cracking

Safe Combination Change

Safe Unlocking

Safe Installation


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