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We can install safes of every size including wall safes and floor safes. We can anchor your safe into concrete or wood floors.

Why is proper safe installation important? Put simply, if your safe is not properly installed, it’s nothing more than a metal box waiting to be taken by a determined thief. We’ve all seen news videos of criminals crashing through storefronts, chaining an ATM to their vehicle, and tearing off into the night. Lately, the ATM owners have wised up and installed their machines securely, making it nearly impossible for the burglars to succeed. This principle comes directly from what professional safe and vault locksmiths have known for decades: properly installed safes are highly unlikely to be stolen.

Safe locksmiths are the acknowledged industry experts when it comes to identifying the best location to install a safe, and installing it securely without damaging your home or business property. safe locksmiths often carry the widest range of safes and therefore have unmatched experience and skills in safe installation in virtually every environment.

The bottom line here is that safes are fairly expensive pieces of equipment designed to protect your most precious property. If you plan to add a safe to your home or business, never skimp on safe installation services. It could mean the difference between securing your valuables for a lifetime, or inviting theft by burglars who can spot and remove a poorly installed safe within minutes.

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