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You’ve come to the place if you need a car locksmith. Not only are we a professional locksmith directory, but 1-800-Unlocks is the only locksmith directory for real local neighborhood auto locksmiths. More people rely on to find trustworthy automotive locksmiths in their neighborhoods than any other locksmith source. The car locksmith companies that we highlight deliver fast, affordable services for virtually all types of car locksmith services including key fob replacement, car lock repair, car unlocking, car keys, car remotes, car lock replacement, new key programming, ignition switch replacement, lost car keys replaced, keyless ignition fobs, and smart key programming. Plus, our car locksmiths can work with all car manufacturers. Whether you encounter a car lockout emergency after midnight or can’t find your keys on a holiday, one of our certified car locksmiths will come to your rescue with our superb auto locksmith services. Simply request a fast quote or call today!
Remote head key programming

Remote Head Key Fob Programming

If you have a key or key fob with remote control buttons on it for popping the trunk, for instance, then you have a remote head key. Like plain transponder keys, these need to be programmed to communicate correctly with your car. Your car dealer can do this, but it will cost you. Our verified local car locksmith pros have the training expertise to program your key's remote at a much lower cost, plus we will come to you with the right tools and right equipment to eliminate any further hassle so you can get back on the road.

Transponder Key Programming

Unless your car is quite old, it'll likely have a transponder key that contains a small computer chip that communicates with your car's onboard computer. If that chip isn't properly programmed, the key will turn in the ignition switch but the car won't start. But luckily, our experienced car locksmiths can program the transponder chip for you. While on-site, we can also make you an extra copy at a fraction of the cost the dealership would charge you. Our locksmiths can also replace the battery inside the key's head if it's stopped working.

Car key ignition cylinder being rekeyed

Vehicle Ignition Lock Repair

Car ignitions often have heavy wear and tear on them from years of use. Many times a damaged ignition simply requires a rekey, which can be performed by a trained local locksmith for a reasonable cost. Newer cars normally have push-to-start ignitions and no ignition cylinder. You can avoid taking your damaged ignition to a dealership, as they may try to unnecessarily replace your entire ignition system, security systems, and ignition coil. First, let one of our locksmiths give you helpful advice and a quote. Call today!

Car Key Cutting on Laser Machine

Laser Cut Car Keys

Most late-model cars have a transponder key, flip key, a fob with an integrated key, or a high-security key, and they're all cut with specialty laser key cutters. Laser cutting provides a very accurate cut pattern which provides more security than a typical standard cut car key. Our local locksmiths can quickly and easily make these high-security car keys for you at a fair price. Plus, our auto locksmith pros will test the key blade to make sure they work properly before processing payment and leaving the job site.

car locksmith lock and door repair

Car Door Lock Repair

A car door lock can suffer a lot of wear and tear, and when one breaks it's not a good idea to try to fix it yourself. Modern door locks are complex and you're likely to damage the lock or your car in the attempt. Sometimes all the lock needs is a bit of cleaning and some lubrication instead of expensive repair services. Be wary of a locksmith who tries to immediately replace the lock in order to upcharge you. A trustworthy auto locksmith will make an honest attempt to fix a damaged lock before replacing it completely.

new car key

New Car Keys Made

If you've lost all copies of your car keys, or they've been stolen, we can help. 1-800-Unlocks will help you find a reputable local locksmith that can make you new ones from scratch using your car manufacturer's key code or by using specialized tools that analyze and copy your car's locks. Our locksmiths can replace stolen keys, broken keys, old keys, basic car keys, emergency keys, transponder keys, and remote key fobs all for less than the automotive dealership typically charges. Many of our locksmiths are also mobile so they come to you!

Car Lock Out Services

Car Unlocking Service

Whether you've locked your keys in the car, your door lock is broken, or you've lost your keys entirely, the auto locksmiths with 1-800-Unlocks can diagnose and fix the problem. A trustworthy locksmith will get you back into your car with a working key without damaging your car or its locks. If you've locked your keys in the car in the car or trunk, we can help. Make sure to call a verified car locksmith from our directory to ensure you don't get scammed when you need a car locksmith service.

car key replacement near me

Car Key Replacement

If you've lost your car keys or had them stolen, an automotive locksmith from 1-800-Unlocks can come to you and make you a new car key. This is one of our most popular services. They can do this by looking up the code from your car or by making an impression of the car's lock. Don't let a dealer overcharge you for this locksmith service. Having extra copies of your car key isn't just a good idea, it's a necessity in case you lock yourself out or lose or damage your main key.

Broken Key Removal

Car keys wear down over time. A worn car key can sometimes break off in the car door lock or the ignition cylinder, leaving a piece behind. While you can try to remove the piece of key yourself, it's easy to damage the door lock, ignition, or pin tumblers, or make the problem worse by pushing the key further into the lock. A qualified car locksmith will have the tools and experience to extract the broken key and make you a new one so you can get back on the road and on with your day.

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Who knows locksmiths better than a locksmith? The team at 1-800-Unlocks has one goal, make sure you work with a local company that has your best interest in mind. We’ve made this video to highlight in detail what to expect when you contact a local company and what services a car locksmith should be capable of performing.

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Auto locksmith training typically takes about 3 years. However, real car locksmiths are constantly learning new things even after 25 years on the job. That’s because new products, new keys, new cars, and new tools are constantly coming out on the market.

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Our registered locksmiths are the best of the best throughout the United States when it comes to car locksmith and mobile auto locksmith services. Why do you need to call on a certified professional in times of a car lockout? Why trust a registered professional locksmith when you’ve lost your car keys or have a broken car lock? In a word: Trust. These days scammer locksmiths have popped up everywhere hoping to take advantage of you during an emergency.

Remember, never trust a car “locksmith” who:

  • Shows up in an unmarked vehicle
  • Doesn’t have clearly visible identification
  • Is without a full suite of professional locksmith tools

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