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Our car locksmiths can make new car keys and repair broken key fobs.

You’ve come to the right locksmith directory! The only locksmith directory for real local neighborhood automotive locksmiths.

More people rely on to find trustworthy automotive locksmiths in their neighborhoods than any other locksmith source. The professional locksmiths we highlight deliver fast, affordable services for virtually all types of car lock issues, and usually, offer 24/7 mobile emergency. Whether you encounter a car lockout emergency after midnight or can’t find your keys on a holiday, one of our certified locksmiths will come to your rescue with our superb automotive locksmith services.

Auto locksmith training typically takes about 3 years to open doors and cars. However, real locksmiths are constantly learning new things even after 25 years on the job. That’s because new products, new keys, new cars, and new tools are constantly coming out on the market

Not all locksmiths are trained, licensed, and insured professionals. The automotive locksmiths registered with go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are respected, reliable, and trustworthy technicians dedicated to providing the best locksmith services in your area.

Our registered locksmiths are the best of the best throughout the United States when it comes to car locksmith and mobile automobile locksmith services. Why do you need to call on a certified professional in times of a car lockout? Why trust a registered professional locksmith when you’ve lost your car keys or have a broken car lock? In a word: Trust. These days scammer locksmiths have popped up everywhere hoping to take advantage of you during an emergency.

Remember, never trust your valuable car to a “locksmith” who shows up in an unmarked vehicle, without clearly visible identification, or without a full suite of professional locksmith tools. Bookmark our website,, on your phone, and keep it at the top of your list to ensure the highest quality service when you need the top car locksmiths in the United States.

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Who knows locksmiths better than a locksmith? The team at 1-800-Unlocks has one goal, make sure you work with a local company that has your best interest in mind. We’ve made this video to highlight in detail what to expect when you contact a local company and what services a car locksmith should be capable of performing.

Our Mission Is To Help You Find A Locksmith For Your Car That Is Real & Honest

Sam Wilson, Barry Wilson, Max Wilson (Left to Right). An example of one of our real locksmiths in Richmond, VA

As we mentioned above, our locksmiths, especially the ‘Verified’ and ‘Featured’ locksmiths are researched before being allowed in our directory.

Our mission is to provide a safe place for you and your friends to find a locksmith that can be called by you, without the concern of being scammed, duped, or overcharged.

Unlike most paid advertising platforms, we actually care about the quality of service you receive and the price you pay. Our philosophy is to list the best of the best locksmiths. If your city only has three locksmiths in it, we’re only going to show you those three locksmiths, not a ton of other fake listings. To that end, the companies we work with are the local family-owned professionals you may already know and trust.

1-800-Unlocks is here to provide you with peace of mind and protection knowing the locksmiths have undergone additional verification, so call 800-865-6257 today and together we can end locksmith scams.

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