Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Services


Our locksmiths can rekey deadbolts, install smart locks, and improve your home security.

Your first line of defense for home security is your local licensed, certified, legitimate residential locksmith.

Whether you own or rent, protecting your property and, more importantly, your family from intruders depends on the level of security you invest in your home.

Locksmiths are the only professional home security experts capable of around-the-clock, mobile consultation, installation, repair, and maintenance of your deadbolts, smart locks, lever locks, doors, and safes which are designed specifically to prevent unauthorized entry or break-ins of your home.

Many of our partner locksmiths that specialize in residential security services do understand your concerns and needs. We care about your budget and security needs. Our goal is to keep you secure, not break the bank.

When you contact us, we’ll provide an up-front honest quote. If you have just moved into your house, you may be wondering, is rekeying vs replacing locks a better option. From the point of view of the locksmith, one of the main reasons you should need to replace a lock if it’s truly broken beyond repair. There are other reasons you may choose to replace the lock, such as design or function, but overall, it is less expensive to rekey locks than replace them. This is because the cost of any brand new locks will increase the total cost of the job.

How Can A Residential Locksmith Protect My Home?

Most locksmiths can do virtually everything when it comes to time-tested security measures. Experts agree that the first line of defense for home protection is a high-quality deadbolt properly installed in a solid door and frameset. Only a professionally trained and certified locksmith can guarantee expert deadbolt installation, backed by a warranty and 24-hour emergency repair service, if necessary.

That’s only the tip of the home security iceberg. Your neighborhood residential locksmith is the only one to trust for home lock rekey work, window lock reinforcement, advanced electronic security systems, smart locks, deadbolt installation, key copying, key replacement, and home safe installation. No hardware store can offer a wide range of high-security products or be there for you any time of day or night like a 1-800-Unlocks locksmith expert.

Most of the locksmiths registered with offer 24-hour locksmith and mobile residential locksmith services, so professional help at your front door is always one phone call away. If you live in a house in the country, an apartment in the city, a condo in the suburbs, or even a cottage by the beach, there’s a locksmith nearby willing and able to assist with your home security needs.

Learn More About Our Residential Locksmith Services

Hiring a locksmith has never been easier! 1-800-Unlocks takes the guesswork and fear out of hiring a locksmith. When searching online, please be aware of fake locksmiths. One of our peer-reviewed, licensed, and insured locksmiths can solve all your concerns with one click or call. Here is a list of our services.

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