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Door Lock Repair

This is a broken key stuck in a mortise lock cylinder. Our technicians have the right tools and technique to pull the key out without damaging your lock. Plus, we can even make you a new key on site.

Door locks break over time. That’s a fact of long-term homeownership. When your house lock breaks or ceases to function as intended, it will need to be repaired or replaced immediately to protect your family and property. An experienced, professional locksmith is always the first step to determine if a broken house lock can be repaired safely and affordably.

When door lock repair is the best option, you have two choices: schlep off to a hardware store, deal with lines and unknowledgeable clerks, buy the tools and hardware necessary to try to fix the lock; or contact a locksmith registered on 1800Unlocks.com and allow an expert to do the job swiftly and correctly. The only way to ensure a properly functioning repaired lock is to trust a professional residential locksmith when it comes to fixing a broken house lock.

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How do I know if my house lock needs repair? If your lock seizes when trying to turn the key, the lock bolt is misaligned, or the lock has a broken key in it, it can probably be repaired by a qualified locksmith. It is extremely important to beware of scammer locksmiths when it comes to damaged locks! If you contact the first and/or cheapest locksmith on a Google search, a bogus locksmith will likely show up to your house and either convince you to buy an overpriced new lock or further damage a lock that can easily be repaired by a legitimate locksmith. More often than not, locks do not need to be drilled which can render the cylinder and possibly the entire lock useless.

A Certified Master Locksmith or a Registered Locksmith has the training to take your lock and key to their truck to take it apart and work on them. In some cases, parts are bent, cracked, loose, or missing. Mechanical locks are often made of metal. Some are made of cheap pot met, aka, monkey metal. More expensive locks are made of solid brass. Pot metal locks are usually best replaced while expensive locks can be repaired. Need mortise lock repair? Mortise locks have springs in them just like lever locks. Springs can wear out but if you try to open these locks yourself, you may find that parts will jump out of the lock and then they get lost.

Always tell friends and family to refer to 1800Unlocks.com to determine if your home locks can be repaired, or need to be replaced. If a broken lock can be repaired, a reputable locksmith will fix it within minutes at an affordable rate without trying to talk you into an unnecessary replacement. And if replacement is required, only a legitimate locksmith will do the job rapidly and affordably, and with the peach-of-mind of knowing your home is fully protected.

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