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A residential locksmith otherwise known as a home locksmith or apartment locksmith is a professionally trained and insured technician that is able to work on your home door, home locks, home safe, home keys, and possibly even home cameras.  Most locksmiths are highly trustworthy and honest people.  They care about your safety and protection.  Typically, residential locksmith customers are in need of a lock rekey.  A lock rekey is one of the most common services a local locksmith can provide because it is cost effective when compared to completely replacing your locking hardware.  Rekeying locks is sometimes referred to as changing locks but it is best to clarify which service is needed when scheduling the appointment with your local locksmith.

Common scenarios to get your home locks rekeyed is after you have moved into a new place or after you’ve given keys out to many people.  A simple service call can quell your fears.  So what is a lock rekey? It is the process of removing your lock off the door, disassembling it, removing all the bottom pin tumblers and replacing them with new pin tumblers of different heights so that a new key will create a totally different shear line.  This means your old key will no longer work your lock.  In fact, after taking apart your lock, many locksmiths will check the entire inside of your lock cylinder to ensure it has all top pins and springs.  They will then lubricate the lock before putting it back together.   Locksmiths are very familiar with the multitude of different residential locks and keyways out there.

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