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1-800-Unlocks, Inc. is much more than a simple locksmith directory.  We believe customers deserve a legitimate place to shop for their nearby locksmith. Our goal is to help customers save money and avoid the potentially frustrating experience of hiring a fraudulent company. To do this, we only work with extremely professional locksmiths that provide friendly service and operate their business ethically and legitimately.
Our locksmiths offer a wide variety of local locksmith services including all of the following:

car locksmith near me

Car Locksmith Services

Car locksmith service is in high demand right now. Whether you are locked out of your car, need key fob programming, car key replacement, have a broken car key, need a car key replaced, have lost all of your car keys, or your ignition won't turn, you can count on the pros at 1-800-Unlocks. Our licensed locksmith network of experts is sure to have a locksmith near you and we'll get you back on the road quickly and at a very affordable price for things like a new car key, lost keys, car door locks, and many other car locksmith services.
Learn more about our car locksmith services >>

residential locksmith services near me

Residential Locksmith Services

It's always important to research the best local locksmiths before inviting a technician into your home. 1-800-Unlocks has trusted locksmith pros for your home's locks ready to provide fast service. We can perform lock re-key services, make house keys, cut new keys, and even replace a door lock to improve home security, all at a reasonable price for mobile service. Get the help and professional service you need from a verified and insured residential locksmith today. Simply call or get an honest quote in minutes, not days.
Learn more about our residential locksmith services >>

commercial locksmith services

Commercial Locksmith Services

When you need the nearest locksmith for your business or commercial facility, we'll connect you with one of our skilled commercial locksmiths. Services offered include lock rekeying, master key systems, door hardware installation, automatic door installation, and even integrated access control systems. All of our pros are insured and have great prices on high-quality hardware. Learn more about our commercial locksmith services >>

safe locksmith services nationwide

Safe Locksmith Services

Are you locked out of your safe? Have you lost the combination or possibly inherited a safe without a combination or key? Safe locksmiths are trained to help you gain entry without damage to the safe. Did you know that we can also change safe combinations, unlock safes, crack safes, move safes, and install safes? In fact, locksmiths also sell higher-quality safes than big box stores. Learn more about our safe locksmith services >>

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As a second generation locksmith and the owner of 1-800-Unlocks, Sam Wilson is dedicated to helping you find a real local and professional locksmith.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get about locksmiths. To read more FAQ’s about 1-800-Unlocks, visit our FAQ page.

Question: What is a locksmith?

Answer: A locksmith is a highly trained and educated security professional. This is not a term that should be tossed around lightly, there are far too many companies and technicians that call themselves locksmiths, when in fact they neither have the training nor the professional ethics to do so.

According to the Department of Criminal Justice in Virginia, the term “Locksmith” means any individual that performs locksmith services or advertises or represents to the general public that the individual is a locksmith even if the specific term locksmith is substituted with any other term by which a reasonable person could construe that the individual possesses special skills relating to locks or locking devices, including use of the words, lock technician, lockman, safe technician, safe man, boxman, unlocking technician, lock installer, lock opener, physical security technician or similar descriptions. Source:

Question: What does a locksmith do?

Answer: As the name suggests, locksmiths provide locksmith services such as programming new car keys, picking locks, lock rekeying, lock changing, and other emergency services for your car, home, or business. You can hire a locksmith company on 1-800-Unlocks to help with your car key, car remote, or car unlock problems.

Question: Why is my key not communicating with my car?

Answer: This is because the programming process can sometimes clear out the memory from the onboard computer. If that happens, the locksmith can easily add your old keys back into the computer. When a locksmith programs your new car key it is always recommended to have all working keys on-site. If the key suddenly stopped working, either the key fob battery or the car battery may be done.

Question: Do all keys have chips in them?

Answer: If your car was made after 2000, there is a high likelihood that it has a chip in the key. This chip communicates with the car’s onboard computer. The chip disables the anti-theft module and allows the car to start.

Question: Why did my car key stop working?

Answer: If your car key stopped working, here are the top 6 common reasons it may have stopped working include a dead battery, broken key fob, worn-out buttons, wet electronics, worn-out metal key blade, or defective parts.
1) Dead battery: If your car key has a transponder chip in it, the key could have a dead battery. Try changing the battery and then re-test.

2) Broken key fob: If the metal key broke apart from the plastic head or microchip, the key may be unable to communicate with the onboard computer.

3) Worn-out buttons: Does your key fob have buttons for lock, unlock, panic, etc.? If those buttons appear worn out, or the plastic shell is cracking, it is time for a replacement.

4) Wet electronics: Has your key gotten wet at all? Electronic car keys should be kept dry at all times. If it gets wet it could short-circuit and fail.

5) Worn-out metal key: If you’ve had your key for many years, it could be worn out. The cuts on the key will wear out over time due to daily use. If the key is hard to turn in your ignition, you should consult with a local locksmith to get the key depths measured. If the key is off by even a few thousand of an inch, it will cause issues. At that point, it’s time for the locksmith to cut you a new key to factory specifications based on your unique key code.

6) Defective Parts Bought Online: Based on our experience, car keys bought online have a much higher failure rate than the car keys locksmiths supply. If the key does in fact program, it may only last for about 1-2 weeks. If this sounds like your key, talk with the local locksmith and see if they can supply you with a key they will guarantee.

Question: What certifications or licenses must a locksmith possess?

Answer: Locksmiths are security professionals that are invited into your home and business to secure your property and that is serious business. Fortunately, 1-800-Unlocks uses verified locksmith companies that hire trustworthy technicians. In most states, there is currently no legislation or Licensing requirements. In fact, as of 2023, only 15 out of 50 States in the USA have licensing laws for locksmiths and 2 additional States have Counties that require locksmiths to have a license.

The verified locksmiths in our locksmith directory have been researched about found to have a business license, insurance, and licensing where necessary. A locksmith can improve his skill and knowledge by acquiring a variety of certifications such as Certified Automotive Locksmith (CAL), General Locksmith Certification (RL), Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL), Certified Master Locksmith (CML), and Certified Master Safe Technician (CMST). Source: These certifications indicate that the locksmith has undergone formal training and education rather than simply having on-the-job training. While these certifications are extremely useful if a locksmith does not possess these certifications it does not mean they are unprofessional or unskilled.

Question: Do locksmiths need a license?

Answer: As of 2020, these States require locksmiths to have a license: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida – Hillsborough County and Miami-Dade County, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York – Nassau County, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. Source:

Question: Do locksmiths offer a warranty?

Answer: Many locksmiths do offer a warranty on their labor and/or parts, however, it does vary by company. Each locksmith company is family-owned and operated, with the exception of a few franchise locksmith brands.

We recommend you always ask about their warranty offerings before agreeing to the service.

In most cases, the labor warranty will range from 6-12 months and the warranty on products is 1 year.

Question: How much should a locksmith near me cost?

Answer: Most emergency services, such as house unlocking and car unlocking, have flat rates fees of roughly $85-$190. Please beware that there are fraudulent locksmiths out there. They use unethical pricing practices. Consumers must beware of these ‘locksmiths’ who will do anything to get you to accept service including quoting rates of less than $30 for lockout services or service call fees. These rates are purposefully misleading. You’ll see their ads all over the place when searching ‘locksmith near me’.

A 1-800-Unlocks verified locksmith will quote you an upfront price and explain any price increase in detail. You will not be misled into spending more money for a less inferior product or unnecessary services.

When compared, apples to apples, a 1-800-Unlocks car locksmith is always the cheaper locksmith while maintaining a higher level of service.

Question: How long does it usually take to complete a locksmith service?

Answer: The most common locksmith services can usually be completed in 1 hour or less. Typically, locksmiths schedule service in 2-hour blocks. When you have locked keys inside, a skilled locksmith can unlock your car or home within 5-10 minutes without damaging the door lock, car keys,

Car locksmith services such as on-site key duplication, car key replacement, and car key programming usually require only 10-20 minutes. More complicated work, such as lock installation/repair, lock rekeying, car door/ignition lock repair, and safe unlocking, take at least 1 hour.

Question: Do locksmiths accept credit cards?

Answer: The local locksmith company will accept cash, credit card, and possibly other money transfer apps such as Cash app, Zelle, and Venmo. For commercial clients, invoicing and checks are typically offered as well, but it is best to ask the locksmith before scheduling the job.

Question: How do I find the best locksmith near me?

Answer: When searching online, it can be hard to know which locksmith is the best for you. We recommend word of mouth as well as reading reviews and checking their website for licensing and insurance information. Check their Google listing and website for authentic pictures of their truck and previous job history. Finally, be sure to get as much pricing information before the locksmith arrives and ask for a receipt with their business information clearly visible.

Question: What is the typical response time for a locksmith?

Answer: Locksmiths can arrive as soon as 5-20 minutes after you call them. This is especially true if it’s a lockout emergency and they are nearby.

Typically, locksmiths can arrive within 1-2 hours if the job is needed the same day.

However, most jobs such as car key replacement, lock rekeying, and lock repair is scheduled based on your calendar.

Question: Will I get a receipt before the locksmith leaves?

Answer: Yes, whether you pay with cash, check, or credit card, the locksmith can provide either a full invoice or a transaction receipt.

With mobile payment processing, locksmiths are now able to either email or text you a receipt for your records.

If you don’t get a receipt, you can contact the locksmith directly for a copy of the invoice.

Average Prices for the Top Locksmith Services

This is a national average price list for just a few select locksmith services. We have also compiled a more detailed locksmith cost list. The locksmith will always give exact pricing once you discuss the scope of work.

Automotive Pricing

Car Lockouts: $135-$185
Car Key Programming: $175-$250

Residential Pricing

House Lockouts: $135-$185
Lock Rekeying: $180-$250
Lock Installation: $180-$275

Commercial Pricing

Office Lockouts: $135-$185
Lock Rekeying: $200-$300
Lock Installation: $250-$350

Safe Pricing

Safe Unlock: $235-$400
Combination Change: $185-$250
Safe Installation: $250-$400

Average Prices for the Top Locksmith Services

This is a national average price list for just a few select locksmith services. We have also compiled a more detailed locksmith cost list. The locksmith will always give exact pricing once you discuss the scope of work.

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