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2024 Average Locksmith Prices From Family-Owned Companies

This is a national average pricing list. The locksmith will always give exact pricing once you discuss the scope of work. The local locksmith will never overcharge or bait you with a low-ball price. All featured and verified locksmiths have been pre-screened and interviewed to guarantee they are insured and understand how to perform locksmith services correctly.

Service Calls

Including Evenings and Weekends

Auto/Residential Service Call: $65–$105

Commercial Service Call: $70–$135

Locksmith Labor Per Hour

These prices are in addition to materials

Automotive Labor: $65–$90

Commercial Labor: $70–$110

Residential Labor: $65–$90

Safe Labor: $80-$120

Access Control Labor: $90-$125

Key Copies

Less Any Other Applicable Fees

Standard Key: $2.50–$5.50

High-Security Key: $14–$20

Interchangeable Core Key: $8–$10

Tubular Key: $7–$12

Safe Deposit Key: $8–$1

Door Hardware & Lock Installation & Replacement

Less Service Call Fee & Materials

New Deadbolt Installation: $50–$60

New Lever Lock Installation:$50–$60

New Mortise Lock Installation: $100–$150

New Adams Rite Installation: $140–$155

New Rim Exit Device Installation: $120–$135

Deadbolt Replacement: $30–$40

Lever Lock Replacement: $30–$40

Mortise Lock Replacement: $60–$70

Adams Rite Replacement: $55–$65

Rim Exit Device Replacement: $75–$90

Automotive Key Generation

Less Service Call Fee & Materials

Code Cut Car Key: $25–$45

Unlock Car Compartment: $35–$45

Unlock Car Trunk: $45–$60

Unlock Car – Domestic: $50–$60

Unlock Car – Foreign: $55–$65

Rekey Trunk Lock – Domestic: $50–$60

Rekey Door Lock – Domestic: $52–$65

Rekey Trunk Lock – Foreign: $55–$65

Rekey Ignition – Domestic: $65–$75

Rekey Ignition – Foreign: $75–$85

Door & Trunk Key – Domestic: $65–$80

Door & Trunk Key – Foreign: $70–$85

Program Transponder Key – Domestic: $55–$80

Program Transponder Key – Foreign: $60–$85

Motorcycle Key: $75–$100

Ignition Key – Domestic: $80–$90

Ignition Key– Foreign: $90–$100

New Transponder Key – Domestic: $120–$130

New Transponder Key – Foreign: $130–$140

VATS Key – Domestic: $125–$135

Lock Opening

Less Service Call Fee & Materials

Shim Cylinder Open: $9–$12

Pick Cylinder Open: $15–$20

Mortise Cylinder: $15–$20

Rim Cylinder: $16–$22

Residential Lock With No Existing Key: $20–$30

Mortise Cylinder With No Existing Key: $25–$35

Rim Cylinder With No Existing Key: $25–$35

Interchangeable Core (Small & Large): $25–$40

Tubular Lock: $30–$40

High–Security Mortise Lock: $35–$45

High–Security Rim Lock: $35–$45

Safe Deposit Lock (Each Nose): $45–$55

Door & Frame Installation & Replacement

Less Service Call Fee & Materials

Door Viewer Replacement (Peep Hole): $35–$45

Threshold Replacement: $75–$90

Wood Door Replacement: $175–$225

Hollow Metal Door Replacement: $250–$350

New Door Viewer Installation: $45–$60

Pest Strip Installation (Door Sweep): $55–$70

New Threshold Installation: $100–$120

New Wood Door Installation: $250–$300

New Hollow Metal Door Installation: $250–$350

Electronic Security & Access Control Installation & Replacement

Less Service Call Fee & Materials

Electric Strike Replacement: $75–$100

Electrified Hinge Replacement: $85–$115

Badge Reader/Keypad Replacement: $90–$120

Maglock Replacement: $105–$130

Digital Keypad Lock Replacement: $90–$115

CCTV Surveillance System Replacement: $185–$225

Electric Strike Installation: $145–$175

Electrified Hinge Installation: $140–$165

Badge Reader/Keypad Installation: $115–$130

Maglock Installation: $175–$200

Digital Keypad Lock Installation: $115–$130

CCTV Surveillance System Installation: $235–$250

Door Closer Installation & Replacement

Less Service Call Fee & Materials

Adjust Door Closer: $40–$55

Door Closer Replacement: $100–$130

Floor Closer Replacement: $200–$250

Concealed Closer Replacement: $140–$160

Overhead Closer Replacement: $60–$90

Door Closer Installation: $140–$170

Floor Closer Installation: $225–$275

Concealed Closer Installation: $170–$190

Overhead Closer Installation: $90–$120

Safe & Vault Installation & Replacement

Less Service Call Fee & Materials

Change Safe Combination: $50–$100

New Safe Lock Installation: $80–$120

New Safe Lock Replacement: $80–$120

Drill Lock Open on TL–Rated Safe: $400–$1,200

Drill Floor Safe: $250–$350

Safe Moving 300lbs–3,000lbs: $250–$1,500

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