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Why Change The Door Locks On Your Home?

Locksmiths offer sturdy door hardware in many finishes. Plus, we can rekey the lock to further enhance home security.

When the locks on your house no longer operate correctly, are simply not adequate protection for your property, or take away from your home’s appearance, it’s time to change your locks.

Locks wear out over time, often to the point where a rekey will not improve their sole purpose of protecting your home. It’s always a good idea to upgrade your current locks, particularly if they are outdated. Today’s home lock systems are extremely advanced and geared to the highest quality of home security. New locks are best replaced by an experienced locksmith with knowledge of all varieties of home locks available to you.

Your Residential Locksmith Can Educate You About The Latest Lock Options

Did you know the types of locks available to you is constantly changing? Not only the type but the brand, color, style, and function. Older houses were set up for mortise locks and rim locks. Later, they transitioned to deadbolts, doorknobs, and picture handle sets. Decorative hardware has always been in style in one form or another. Other lock categories include electronic, keyless, touchpad, and biometric.

Depending on your neighborhood, family size, house type and age, your residential locksmith expert can recommend the perfect lock, deadbolt, or access control system.

Are you considering changing home locks for purely aesthetic reasons or to accommodate disabilities? The trusted locksmiths located at 1800Unlocks.com can install attractive and safe lever handle locks or thumb-operated deadbolts. Electronic locks are another popular option best installed by a locksmith, although reputable locksmiths will inform you that these locks, while convenient, are nowhere near as secure as today’s high-security deadbolts. High-security locks such as Mul-T-Lock, ASSA, Medeco, and Schlage Primus offer premium lock construction and patented keyways only your locksmith can cut. If security is your top concern, key control and solid lock construction paired with a solid door and reinforced door jam would be an ideal avenue.

Consulting with a professional locksmith from 1800Unlocks.com is by far the best way to install new locks for your house. Certified locksmiths have access to the highest quality door locks that box stores simply do not carry. To change locks on your house with the knowledge that you’ve chosen the exact right lock, installed correctly for your home protection, search our database of registered locksmiths first.

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