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Commercial locksmiths are typically well-versed in mechanical door hardware, electronic security, and building codes, and have years of experience working on commercial buildings. On top of that, they maintain close ties with distributors and many top brands such as Schlage, MarksUSA, Adams Rite, LCN, and more. 1-800-Unlocks is a network of high-quality family-owned locksmiths all over the country. Whether you have one property or a national footprint, our locksmiths can help. Contact us today to see how we can provide Grade 1 door hardware products, commercial lock repair, security systems, and expert installation.

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Only your local locksmiths offer the entire portfolio of commercial security products and services, along with the dedication of a local business member to protecting private and confidential information.  Commercial locksmiths don’t just make copies of keys and change locks, they also install master key systems, high-security doors and reinforcement, and advanced access control systems. They work on and install all varieties of commercial safes and vaults.

access control systems

Access Control Systems

Access control systems with the latest technology make commercial buildings more secure and easier for the right people to access through keyless systems like keypads, card readers, and biometric controls. The best type of access control system for your business will depend on factors like how many employees you have, the level of security you require, and your budget. Professional locksmiths will have the expertise to consult with you on the right system for your building protection security needs and to install it correctly. Our experts are here to listen to your security needs and protect your company with the best commercial locksmith services and maintenance possible.

Automatic door installation

Automatic Doors

Many businesses rely on automatic sliding, swinging, or revolving doors to make it easier for customers to enter. Some commercial buildings are even required to have and maintain sophisticated automatic doors for handicap accessibility.

What you may not know is that we have the skill and expertise to install and service these types of doors, as well as the locks on them. If you need an automatic door installed, adjusted, fixed, or replaced, our local commercial specialists in the 1-800-Unlocks locksmith directory can help make your life easier.

Door closer installation

Door Closer Replacement

We generally take door closers for granted–until they start acting up. A broken or malfunctioning door closer can cause your business door to close too quickly or too hard, to not close at all, or even to leak fluid onto the ground. Don’t wait on door closer repairs or maintenance, since a door closer that isn’t working properly can cause dangerous accidents that could hurt you or your customers. And yes–you guessed it–a commercial locksmith can handle any job related to your door closer, including installation, repair, replacement, maintenance, or adjustment. Whether you have a concealed overhead door closer, pneumatic door closer, or storm door closer, we can help with commercial locksmith service.

door replacement

Door Replacement

A good commercial door lock won’t do your office any good if it’s installed on a weak, low-quality door. Having a strong, properly installed door is crucial for keeping your business, customers, and employees safe. We will be able to help you choose a quality door with the right dimensions and the right type of hinges that will work with your door frame and the type of lock system you intend to use. A locksmith will also be able to make sure any door you install meets fire codes and ADA requirements. 1-800-Unlocks can help connect you with a local pro who makes the complicated job of choosing and installing a door easy.

door frame installation

Door Frame Installation

Your door, door frame, and door lock all work together to keep your business safe from break-ins. If one of these is weak, it becomes much easier to force an entrance. In fact, no matter how solid and high-quality your door lock may be, if your door frame can’t hold strong, your business locks won’t do you any good. As a result, a damaged or flimsy door frame can invite break-ins. If your door frame needs repair or replacement, a locksmith can help. They can also install high-security commercial door frames to give you greater peace of mind and help you get the most out of your current lock system.

intercom door buzzer installation

Intercom Buzzer Installation

An intercom (door buzzer) allows you to keep your doors locked during business hours while verifying and letting in those who need access on a case-by-case basis. Intercom security systems are a form of access control with the added benefit of voice communication and identification–and in some instances, video as well. Our goal is to help you decide whether you need video or just audio, choose between a wired and wireless intercom system (each has its pros and cons), and quickly install and explain how to use the system.

lock and door hardware

Lock & Door Hardware

An experienced commercial locksmith is your partner when it comes to choosing, installing, repairing, replacing, or rekeying your commercial door locks and other hardware. If you’re the new owner of a commercial property, we can help you replace or rekey your door locks to ensure safety. They can also help you upgrade your locks from a basic system to a higher quality lock, or from a traditional lock to digital locks. A good commercial locksmith is up-to-date on the world of security in general, and commercial locks in particular. They’ll know how to find lock and door hardware that best combines quality, value, and convenience for you and your employees.

master key system

Master Key System

A master key system allows a business owner to use a single, “master” key to access any master-keyed lock on a building, while employees or tenants have keys that allow access only to specific areas of a building. A master key system is more convenient than carrying multiple keys and helps landlords or business owners keep a building secure by enabling them to grant different levels of access through the use of a key hierarchy. However, in order to maintain security, a master key system needs to be carefully designed, with each lock pinned to work with the correct key or keys under the master key. For this reason, it’s important to enlist the services of an experienced commercial locksmith to plan, install, and maintain your business’ master key system.

commercial metal door installation

Metal Door Installation

While residences like homes and apartments usually have wood doors, metal doors are much more popular for commercial properties, and for good reason. Commercial metal doors are usually hollow steel or aluminum, which stands up to wear and tear better than wood while offering greater security. Metal doors also help protect your business against fire; a steel door will offer the highest fire rating. If your business requires extra security, a high-security metal door or even a bulletproof metal door may be your best choice. Make sure your metal door is installed by a professional and that it works in conjunction with a high-quality, properly installed door jam and lock system.

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commercial smart lock installation

Commercial Smart Lock – Mortise style with High-Security lock key override.

If you are a property manager, property owner, or work for a business with more than one location, you may want to simplify and streamline your facility maintenance operations with the help of 1-800-Unlocks.

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