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How We Replace Doors

Metal Door Repair

Need a door replaced? We offer wooden and metal doors. We can let you know which would best fit your specific needs.

You may ask, are my business doors safe from break-ins? Buying and installing the best lock in the world will do very little to prevent burglary if your commercial door is weak. Ask any burglar and they’ll tell you they look for cheap and/or flimsy doors which can be kicked or smashed in quickly, regardless of the locks. Commercial doors can be fully customized based on the type of door hardware you require. For example, if you are planning on installing a panic device (exit/push bar), you’ll want to order your door with additional reinforcement for mounting purposes. Door gauge (thickness) is also important. The thicker the metal, the more durable your door will be.

A local door replacement locksmith can immediately assess the quality, or lack thereof, of your business door, and in many cases, will come to your location for a free professional consultation. Even if your doors are hollow metal, a commercial door locksmith will gladly offer other strategies and ideas for increasing the chances of convincing would-be burglars to pass by your business.

Replacing a door is no easy task. Contractors, handymen, and locksmiths train for years to be able to take a raw opening and turn it into a functioning doorway. To start, consideration must be given to the wall quality, building code, ADA, and customer budget.

Next, decide if you need fire-rated doors, frames, and lock hardware. Does the opening call for a metal door or wood door? Is the lock hardware going to be electrified for an access control security system?

If you’re not sure how to replace a door, consult a local professional. Otherwise, make sure your door dimensions are right. Make sure the door frame hinge pockets can support the new door. Double-check your door and door frame dimensions. Make sure the door frame is plumb and square. In our experience, the next step to replacing a door is to install the standard hinges on the replacement door first. Then you should be able to stand the door up against the door frame, line the hinges up, and fasten the hinges to the frame. This is a very broad manual for replacing a door. The process is different if the door requires full mortise continuous hinges.

Who is my Local Door Supplier?

If your store or business currently has exterior wood doors, you should seriously consider replacing them with metal doors or fiberglass doors. These doors are more resilient and may flex, or expand less with the change in seasonal temperatures. Most commercial door locksmiths on carry hollow metal door and frame systems, including welded and knock down frames. Best of all, our door locksmiths are mobile, and can quickly deliver and install your new door system at affordable rates, backed by guaranteed workmanship. On top of that, the locksmith can repair or replace your locking hardware and even rekey/master key your locks.

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