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Wireless Intercom Installation

Remote access, door buzzer systems, and access control systems are all part of what a locksmith can do. This system can be installed in about a day.

Do you work in a large facility? Are you considering installing an intercom system? Then a qualified, expert access control locksmith is probably your best choice for the entire process, from consultation through installation and maintenance.

A properly installed wireless intercom system gives your employees, trusted guests, and clients access to your property while preventing unauthorized visitors or intruders from entering without permission.

Wireless intercom systems are usually a little more expensive but require less labor. Door buzzer systems that require wiring are less expensive but require more labor. There is a tradeoff and in some cases, wireless is needed due to building age or difficulty of installation.

How Does an Intercom System Work?

When installed by a professional commercial locksmith, an intercom system identifies the voice of the person requesting access to your business. These highly effective systems significantly decrease the chances of unauthorized entry, by verifying identity prior to any access, and are therefore an ideal solution for larger commercial facilities with high human traffic.

Popular in doctor’s offices, jewelry shops, legal firms, and financial facilities, there are a variety of intercom systems available today. Aiphone intercoms, 900 MHz wireless intercoms, wireless call boxes, MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) wireless intercoms, and doorbell buzzer systems are common in many of today’s commercial environment – and all are best installed and maintained by a local, certified locksmith.

Create a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers by adding an intercom system to your commercial building. Visit to locate a trusted locksmith, who will provide all the information needed to begin the installation process immediately.

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