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We Repair Slamming or Leaking Door Closers

This is a door closer. They come in many variations. Call us to repair or replace yours today.

Are your business doors not closing? Are your commercial doors closing too fast? If you’re encountering these problems, chances are there’s a problem with the door closer, not the lock. Many metal commercial doors are equipped with door closers, which help doors act as fire blocks. When a door closer malfunctions, always rely upon a trustworthy, highly-trained, and experienced 24 Hour business locksmith to solve the problem quickly and affordably.

Adjust Hydraulic Door Closer

Did you know that heat can be a big factor for door closer failure? The hydraulic fluid seals can break down over time and start to leak fluid onto your floor. If you see a dark liquid running down your door frame or dripping on the carpet, call us. We can replace the door closer. If you wait too long, someone could get hurt when the door slams shut. Broken door closers have been known to cause doors to slam shut and break or even cut off fingers.

Can a Locksmith Handle all my Commercial Door Closer Problems?

Absolutely. The locksmiths of are constantly trained and educated to install the latest in door closer technologies. We can repair common mistakes made by other technicians, repair or replace door closer arms, mounting brackets, screws, and perform routine maintenance as required.

If an automatic door operator is needed, please research this page.

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