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Enhance Security With Electronic Door Access Systems

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Badge readers can help control who has access to certain areas in a building.

Professional locksmiths are by far the best source for access control systems for your commercial property. Because access control varies from company to company, certified locksmiths are trained to evaluate the specific security needs of each business they are called upon to evaluate.

Whether your needs are single door or multi-door, or more complex, involving multiple buildings, properties, or wired or wireless access control today’s commercial locksmiths are far and above the best trained and most knowledgeable experts in the field.

What is Access Control?

Commercial electronic access control systems effectively replace the traditional lock and master key system with keyless access control locks. These advanced systems provide commercial property security by granting entrance via keypads, card readers, badges, fingerprint scan, or other biometrics.

In more advanced access control systems, integrative software tracks who enters the building and when, and access can be granted or removed at any time, from anywhere, eliminating the need to change commercial locks due to lost keys or employee/tenant departure. Some commercial enterprises also choose to add NVR (network video recorder) recording capabilities to access control, in order to keep permanent video documentation of movement in and out of the commercial property.

Yet another popular access control option is electronic door lock systems, which automatically open and close at specific times, such as work shifts and holiday schedules. These are frequently used on multi-doors access systems, providing the ability to track individual employees or tenants throughout an entire facility to increase both security and accountability.

Are Access Control Systems Expensive?

Yes, they will cost more than a basic mechanical lock. These are complex electronic systems meant to increase commercial security to the highest levels. Given the cost of many access control systems, it only makes sound economic sense to trust the installation and maintenance of highly trained and experienced professionals.

No expert in the security industry is better suited to handle your commercial access control systems than a licensed professional locksmith. From the all-important assessment and consultation phase, through installation and maintenance, your commercial interests demand the professionalism of locksmiths registered with If you’re serious about increasing the security level of your business to the highest level possible, contact a licensed locksmith first to answer all your access control questions.

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