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What Is a Master Key System?

Master Key Systems

Master key systems increase key control power for the owners. Increase security further with a restricted keyway such as Schlage Primus.

Master key systems offer convenience without compromising the security of your business by providing employees access to your property while restricting them from areas where they are not permitted. Additionally, master key systems are safe, efficient alternatives for those who dislike carrying multiple keys, which are easily lost or difficult to distinguish from other keys. In short, master key systems replace many keys with a single key.

One of the great benefits of master key systems is that you can add more keys and more rooms as your business expands, without changing the entire interface. Your business can keep its original locks, rather than changing them as your needs change. Furthermore, master keys cannot be replicated or remade, so only those possessing the master key have access to the locks on the master key system.

Does My Business Need a Master Key System?

Yes. If your business has many employees and multiple locks protecting key assets, you should absolutely consider a master key system. A master key system is the most efficient, most affordable security measure any business owner can take, especially when your valuable assets are accessible to large numbers of employees and clients.

What Are The Risks Of a Master Key System?

First, if you lose track of who has a master key, the entire system is compromised. Always know who has a master key and keep them limited to only those your trust with your commercial property. Second, poorly designed master key systems may result in master keys that open the wrong locks.
Always rely on a trusted, reputable local locksmith to properly design and create the master key system for your business. The expert locksmith members of are the very best in the business when it comes to commercial master key systems. They possess the experience, expertise, and uncompromising commitment to local business security you absolutely must demand in protecting your commercial assets.

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