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Door Frame Installation

Door Jambs and frames can be welded or not. They can also be filled in concrete for added rigidity.

So, you’ve decided to invest in a secure door frame to deter the rash of break-ins occurring in your area. Who’s going to install that expensive piece of equipment? Will they also know how to install a pre-hung interior door? The more important question is: Who can install a commercial door frame correctly and affordably the first time? A 1-800-Unlocks locksmith is the answer.

Whether you’re a new business owner or have run a commercial operation for decades, you must be aware that a poor door frame only invites intrusion from pests, thieves, water, rust, mold, and other damage. Conversely, choosing and installing a commercial door frame specifically designed to thwart break-ins can give you peace-of-mind for years, while paying for itself many times over.

But this is only possible when installed correctly by an expert. The expert your business demands is a certified locksmith from Our locksmiths have the training and on-site experience to deal with virtually every type of commercial door frame on the market.
And when it comes to repairing damaged or malfunctioning door frames, or commercial door frame replacement, never settle on anyone less than a professional locksmith to do the job.

Remember, door locks – no matter how effective – will not stop break-ins if your business door frame fails. Make certain you contact a certified locksmith if only to inspect your door frame to confirm it’s capable of withstanding break-in attempts.

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