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Locksmiths recommend Grade 1 commercial door hardware. Here is an example of a storefront door hook lock and hook bolt.

Installing lock and door hardware is the primary responsibility of a commercial locksmith. Whether it be indoor and outdoor locks, keyed and keyless locks, or any type of lock on the market or soon to be on the market, locksmiths are the undisputed authority in the field of locks and door hardware.

This first line of defense for any business is the doors and locks securing the property from the outside world. Keeping up with the latest lock technologies for businesses, large and small, is the centerpiece of any commercial locksmith’s career. With this in mind, why would you trust the fundamental security of your commercial property to anyone but a local, reputable, licensed locksmith?

Which Lock Is Best For My Business?

Locksmiths are asked this question constantly, because they have the knowledge to answer it honestly, along with the hardware at their fingertips to know what works best for each specific commercial security situation.

Can a Locksmith Repair My Damaged Locks?

Without a doubt. Damaged business locks required fast repair at reasonable rates. Only a local professional locksmith can rush to your business to quickly asses and repair lock and door hardware damaged through natural wear or forced entry. Furthermore, commercial locksmiths are THE experts when it comes to extracting keys from locks, rekeying commercial locks, and duplication keys for your business in the event your keys are lost or damaged.

I’m a New Business Owner. Should I Change the Locks and Door Hardware?

Absolutely. You have no way of knowing who had access to your locks, and therefore your commercial property, with the previous owners. Replacing the locks should be a day one priority, and contacting a local, reputable locksmith is definitely the way to handle this critical security issue.

When you have any questions or concerns regarding the lock and door hardware protecting your business, always contact a professional locksmith for reliable assistance. The commercial locksmiths registered at 1800Unlocks.com are the very best the industry has to offer when it comes to knowledge and expertise of every aspect of locks and doors.

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