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How to Make a Door Frame Strong

A locksmith can ensure your door frame and door jamb are firmly secured.

Why is kick-in prevention critical to home security? Because burglars absolutely love finding homes with weak doors and door jambs they can break down with one solid kick. There is no easier way to enter a home than kicking the door in, as virtually any breaking and entering specialist will tell you. Even more convincing, FBI data proves that most home break-ins are caused by intruders kicking in the door.

Door frames and door jambs can be reinforced fairly easily. While commercial door frames are typically metal, residential door frames are usually wood. On top of that, they are not usually anchored securely to several studs in the wall. To that end, the door strike is typically not anchored securely. Most door strikes only have two tiny screws holding it onto the door jamb. Door strikes should be fastened for strength, not looks. If a door is kicked in at the deadbolt, the bolt will just push right through the backside of the door strike and door jamb and the door will fly open. The inside door trim will fly off because nothing was reinforced.

How do I Prevent Door Kick Ins?

There are several steps you can take to give burglars the boot they hoped to give your door. First, make sure your door jamb and frame are as strong as possible. Without extra reinforcement to strengthen the door frame, a kick-in burglary will split open the wooded door frame around the lock.

Second, if you have a flimsy door, replace it with a solid wood (or even metal) door. No one enjoys smashing their toes on solid oak or steel. For example, the “StrikeMaster II Pro” door frame and hinge reinforcement system emphatically prevents door kick-ins by replacing wood with 4 feet of solid steel and extended-length screws.

Third, invest in a high-quality deadbolt installed by a professional locksmith. Don’t skimp on choosing a deadbolt for your home and do not rely on an inexperienced installer for deadbolt installation. Today’s burglars are extremely savvy and will not be deterred by cheap locks, even if you have the best door system in place.

Where can I learn more about kick-in prevention? Go to and find a certified locksmith near you. Our home locksmith pros will be happy to answer all your questions about anti-burglary measure, and help you find the solution that best protects your home.

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