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Many of our locksmiths are Schlage partners which means we get great pricing on these smart locks.

Who better to rely on for expert advice and installation of the latest home locks than a 24 Hour locksmith? Home lock technology improves at such a fast pace these days, that even locksmiths are pressed to keep up with the new home locks that seem to come out almost daily. No home security professional is better trained, more knowledgeable, or better equipped to replace locks on your home should you choose to upgrade.

Since the housing bust of 2008, the trend of purchasing older, cheaper homes has steadily increased to the point where home renovation is now one of the most popular formats on television. Along with these older homes come outdated and/or damaged locks that must be replaced immediately to protect such a large investment.

Replacing locks on your own can be a costly, time-consuming, and often frustrating task, especially if you lack the knowledge (or interest) in understanding all the nuances of modern home lock systems. Why bother replacing home locks yourself when a local locksmith stays on top of every home lock technology on the planet and actually replaces locks for a living?

When the decision comes to replace locks on your home – new or old – and you need the job done affordably and correctly the first time, contact a locksmith first, even if you simply need an initial consultation on the best locks for your needs. Chances are, the locksmith down the street from your fixer-upper has many more and much better home locks than the giant retailer selling cheaply made locks.

Always replace home locks with the best hardware, and always depend on a highly-trained, hyper-experienced professional locksmith when you want the best for your home.

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