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Keypad locks are great for security. They can come as a stand-alone lock or a networked lock. Our locksmiths carry all types, ready for installation.

If you have a habit of losing your keys, or simply prefer a high-tech locking system, our verified locksmiths have the expertise to help you choose the right electronic keypad lock for you home. Pushbutton and touch screen locks have rapidly become popular, especially with the interactive ability to use smartphones with home security. While these types of locks are becoming more affordable, the expertise required to install and maintain them is becoming more complex.


That’s why it’s important for your safety and security to rely on a professional locksmith for both consultation and maintenance of high-tech electronic locks. Are you interested in a Bluetooth controlled lock, a passcode-based lock, or biometrics? If so, there’s a locksmith near you on who can guide you through the selection process and install these advanced systems.

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Please be aware that electronic systems have security vulnerabilities that do not exist with mechanical deadbolts. High-tech security systems have bred high-tech burglars who can easily hack electronic locks if they are not constantly and properly maintained. Furthermore, some electronic locks can be costly to repair and maintain and have monthly bills associated with them.

Today’s professional locksmiths are continually trained to handle the latest security technologies, including most new keyless systems, regardless of how complex. Even better, at, you’ll easily locate a locksmith near you who will gladly discuss your home security system and come to your location without huge delays.

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