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This is an example of a Schlage deadbolt. Locksmiths offer this lock with many colors/finishes.

How much should I pay for lock installation? That all depends on the type of lock installed in your home. Naturally, if you choose to purchase an inexpensive lock at a big-box retail store and install it yourself, you’ll save a few bucks, while losing quite a lot of time and even more security for your valuable property.

Depending on the type and class, deadbolt installation services costs usually less than $200 through a professional locksmith. Reputable locksmiths typically charge around $50-$100 for the trip to your home (mobile fee), $35-60 for the hardware, and $40-50 to install the new lock. Compare that to buying a cheap lock for $30, spending the time shopping for the lock, figuring out how to install it, and installing it yourself, which requires power tools and skills – and after all, that having no assurances that you’ve done the job correctly.

Here’s the most valuable tip any homeowner can have when it comes to home security: The best lock is a properly installed, high-quality deadbolt. Call any one of the trusted home locksmiths on 1800Unlocks.com, and they will all agree to this time-tested fact.

When you call a professional locksmith for home lock install services, you receive fast, courteous, expert service performed from the comfort of your home. The locksmiths at 1800Unlocks.com back their workmanship with guarantees that no hardware store can offer when you try to tackle the job yourself. Why install new lock hardware or complex electronic home lock systems without the experience and assurance of a certified professional locksmith?

How to Install Locks On At Home

Installing a deadbolt is one of the best things you can have done to a door. Not only does it provide solid resistance from break-ins but it can save you money on homeowners’ insurance. When installing a deadbolt, take a look at the door and door frame. One must look at the whole picture to decide what type of deadbolt to install. Is the door wood? Is it solid wood or hollow? Is the door metal? Does the door have a window in it? How wide is the door rail? Was there a lock previously installed? Next, you’ll want to look at the door frame. Is the door frame metal or wood? How is it anchored to the wall? Next, you’ll want to consider the type and quality of deadbolt. Do you want single-sided with thumb turn or double-sided? Do you want to install a cheap deadbolt on a cheap door? Do you want a high-quality high-security deadbolt on a new solid wooden door? Next, you’ll want to prep the door. Make your mark on the door for your center point of the deadbolt and measure where on the door frame the bolt will go in. Don’t forget to check your back set! More often than not, residential deadbolts like Schlage and Kwikset have 2-3/8″ backset. Commercial deadbolts use 2-3/4″ backset.

Deadbolt Installation

To install a deadbolt into a wooden door and frame you’ll need to have a hole saw, drill, chisel, and screwdriver. Measure twice before drilling. Making a true, clean hole in a door is not easy. If the hole is done poorly, your lock won’t sit right in the door and it won’t lock into the door frame correctly. When that happens, the lock can fail much more quickly. Tailpieces can break, bolts can get stuck, keys can break in the lock due to the difficulty in turning the cylinder. Next, you’ll want to prep the door frame. You can use the strike plate to make an outline of its location. Drill the main hole then work on chiseling excess wood so that the strike plate recesses into the door frame. Install the lock and test it for smooth operation. If any of this seems confusing or it’s too costly to buy tools please give our local locksmiths a call.

Doorknob Installation

Installing a doorknob is surprisingly similar to installing a deadbolt. The goal is to drill a great hole in the door and frame. Once again, measure and measure again. Door knobs come in many different functions. Some have keyed entry. For front doors, it is recommended you get an entry style doorknob. Make sure you install the lock with the keyway on the outside! Remember, we’re here to help so if you have questions just give us a call at 800-865-6257.


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