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What is a transponder key? A transponder key, (or chip key or computer key), is a car key that uses a transponder chip to control your vehicle’s locks. You can look at the type of key your car uses with the Kaba Ilco reference book. Transponder keys have become popular among car manufacturers in recent years because they provide higher security than traditional car keys by requiring verification specific to the car onboard computer. A vehicle requiring a key will not operate without the matching transponder key. The lock may turn if the key is cut right but the car will not start and stay on unless an emergency auto locksmith programs the key.

When you need to make a car key in a hurry, and at a low cost, never resort to a dealer or uncertified locksmith to do the job. Locksmiths registered with are without a doubt the best option for key duplication and key origination services.


Key Fob Programming

How do I program my computer keys? As with all car key services, do not go to a dealer unless you plan to overpay for computer/transponder key programming. The most affordable, most reliable method to program your transponder key is to contact your local professional locksmith, like those registered with Legitimate locksmiths will usually verify, at no cost, if your key uses a transponder chip, and offer programming services at rates far below dealerships. Be weary of cheap car key replacements listed online. They may not always work as advertised because they may have the wrong chip or the key could be made of steel or titanium. Key cutting machines cannot cut steel and titanium. Some locksmiths will only cut and program their replacement keys because they don’t want to run the risk of ruining your car’s computer or their diagnostic equipment, both of which cost thousands of dollars to replace.

Computer Chip Keys Made by Cloning Car Keys

Computer chip keys can be made or cloned. Originating keys is different than cloning a key. Transponder key cloning can only be done if your car key has a cloneable transponder. These types of keys have a unique value duplicated onto the chip using an existing compatible transponder, requiring a skilled professional to accomplish successfully. Virtually all professional locksmiths can quickly identify your transponder key type to determine if it can be cloned, while offering honest quotes and fair prices for this high-tech key service.

Laser Cut Keys

This is an uncut high-security car key blank. Our locksmiths have these keys in-stock ready to be cut and programmed to your car.

Cars such as Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Lexus all use laser cut keys. Do you have a high-security, laser cut car key? High-security keys require special machines to originate, duplicate, and program – and only a certified locksmith has the expertise to operate these machines. Laser-cut keys are becoming more popular with each wave of new cars. Laser-cut car key locks have totally different pins inside the locks as well. The key itself also looks different from a standard car key. The key is flat and the cuts on the key are on the top and bottom versus left and right side of the key. Naturally, these keys are much more valuable than traditional keys, so making laser cut key copies via a qualified locksmith can be a sensible way of avoiding future costs, and frustration.

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