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Safe Cracking

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Whether you have a dial safe or keypad safe lock, we can get you in.

I can’t open my safe! Professional locksmiths are all too familiar with this concern and know how frustrating it can be when your valuables are locked in a safe that you can’t open.

Relax. Cracking safes is second nature for your local safe & vault locksmith. As popular and secure as safes can be, there are times they simply will not open for a variety of reasons. Forgot your safe lock combination? Lost your safe keys? Safe combination no longer working?

We Crack Safes Without Damage

Regardless of what these reasons may be, a safe lockout – although much more complicated for the untrained – resembles a home or car lockout for highly-trained locksmiths. Safe locksmiths are experts at bypassing the complex locking mechanisms of every type of safe, and can quickly crack your safe without damaging or harming your valuables. In some cases, safes become damaged when performing safe delivery and installation. Safe handles can get bent which may require the locksmith to drill your safe open rather than cracking it with other traditional methods. Homeowners with fireproof safes and gun safes need not fear, the professionals at 1800-Unlocks can get you into your safe.

When you need a safecracking job performed quickly and affordably, always contact a qualified local locksmith. If you follow the advice of a do-it-yourself YouTube video, the odds are high you’ll end up damaging your safe’s locking mechanism, costing you much more money, and causing much more aggravation.