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Moving a Safe

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Safe Moving

Safe delivery should be a given wherever you decided to buy a safe. Unfortunately, many hardware stores and major retailers simply will not deliver these items. Locksmiths not only sell the widest selection of safe types and brands, they proudly deliver these important security products directly to your home or business.

How Fast Can I Get My Safe?

Safe moving by locksmiths usually requires very little time, especially if the safe you purchase is in stock. Most locksmiths at can load and bring a safe to you within 24-72 hours, and this includes installation and instructions for use. Naturally, if the safe you need must be ordered, there will be a brief wait. However, since most locksmiths deal directly with safe manufacturers, the wait time will be far less than if ordered from a retail outlet.


Even better, with a professional locksmith, you can receive expert consultation, choose your safe, and have it delivered without ever leaving your home. Try doing that at a giant retailer that sells more diapers and cell phones than security hardware!

Safe Moving Costs

The cost of moving a safe depends on it’s size, where its going, and what its traveling on. Safes can range in size and weight. A small gun safe can be deceivingly heavy. Typically burglary rated or TL rated safes are the heaviest due to their construction. Not all locksmiths are considered heavy safe movers but most are considered gun safe moving companies. Meaning they may have a safe dolly, stair climber or just brute strength and man power to move your safe safely into its resting place. Are you moving a safe upstairs? The locksmith will want to know the type of stairs you have, and the dimensions of the hallway, for starters. The best way to move a safe is safely. Locksmiths, such as American Lock & Key in Richmond VA, usually use 2-3 men to move a gun safe over 300lbs. Barry with American Lock & Key says that they use a variety of safe moving equipment such as their safe moving trailer, pallet jacks, stair climbers, and safe dollies. Locksmiths that offer safe moving services will have varying pricing. For an accurate quote, contact your local safe locksmith.