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Do you need a new mobile-friendly website? Do you need help with your social media accounts? Are you interested in trying some online advertising? We can help with all of it.

Our digital marketing team will build you a custom WordPress website, and create an online marketing strategy catered specifically to your locksmith business and local area. We can manage your Facebook and other social media accounts and also set up a new Google AdWords campaign (or optimize and manage your existing one) to bring in even more traffic to your website.

Get Your New Website Fast

Because we work exclusively with WordPress we can create your new site quickly. And because we understand the locksmith industry we know how to build the best locksmith site possible.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Our locksmith websites are mobile-friendly, and they look great on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop monitors. They’re optimized for converting calls to get you more business!


Our Services Are Affordable

We are designed to be low cost. Other marketing firms charge insanely high prices. Our goal is to provide huge value at a very low price.

Secure, Reliable Websites

We do regular backups of your entire website for safety. Never worry about lost data or your website being down.


Free Software Updates

Your site will always be in tip top shape. Software and plugins are updated and maintained constantly. Your site will be up to date and ready for customers.

Social Media Marketing

We can help you set up your Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts so you can engage customers on a regular basis.

Customized for Your Business

As an independent locksmith, you are unique and your website should reflect that. To that end, your WordPress website will be designed and built to your unique specifications.

Content Updates Included

We will update your website with new content on a regular basis. If you have additional requests, that is done free of charge.

Paid Search

Targeted advertising is tricky. Our experts will work with you to design a custom Google AdWords campaign that is highly-targeted to bring in new, local customers.

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1-800-Unlocks is designed to increase customer engagement through multiple channels. We understand the needs of locksmith shops both large and small. Building a long-term relationship can help offset costs and improve savings. Click or call today to discuss pricing options for all of our packages. You could save over 40%!

Our Professional Services team consists of expert designers, programmers, and marketing specialists that focus on connecting locksmiths with customers in their local area. If you’re a mobile locksmith looking for new business or an established locksmith shop looking to fine-tune your online presence, 1-800-Unlocks’ Professional Service team is here to help you succeed. Call us today to get a new website and online marketing strategy catered specifically to your locksmith business and local area.


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