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Your local professional locksmith – anytime, anyplace. EmergencyAutomotive, Residential, Business and Commercial1-800-UNLOCKS® does it all. We are the Nation’s FIRST and ONLY completely automated locksmith network. We help customers find professional locksmith services through our smart phone number.  The phone number will instantly understand exactly which local registered locksmith to connect you with.  Rest assured, our network is comprised of locally established, quality professionals that are 100% ethical locksmiths! We pride ourselves on being the consumer icon for Full-Service Locksmiths.  1-800-UNLOCKS® is a better way to call your local locksmith because our locksmiths are pre-screened, it is FREE to call, and easy to remember.  1-800-UNLOCKS® takes consumer security seriously, we take the fear out of calling your local locksmith.  Let our network of experienced professional locksmiths help you, simply dial (800-865-6257) 24 hour a day 7 days a week! Our locksmiths will save you money and aggravation by giving you fast local response times and professional service the first time, every time.  Locksmith services are not cheap, but be weary of $15 service calls.  Illegal locksmith services will bait you into calling and then over charge by hundreds of dollars.  Don’t risk your security, use a phone number you can trust for all your locksmith services.  Remember, our technicians can help you with residential and commercial locksmith services as well as automotive.  Our locksmiths have years of experience.  Their goal is to provide you with fast, local, professional locksmith services, because we care about customer satisfaction.  Our locksmiths have been in business for many years, with many satisfied customers.  If you have questions about a lock, door, key, hardware, or a safe please call today, we have dispatchers and technicians standing by to answer questions and schedule service calls.

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No longer will your customers need to search tirelessly for a professional locksmith! It saves time, money, and eliminates customer concerns of who to call.

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By simply dialing 1-800-UNLOCKS® your customers call is instantly transferred to your office. You will be known as the area's ONLY locksmith to call.

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You can become part of this Nationwide Community of Locksmiths that are established, quality assured, professional and ethical service providers.

How We Do It

We assure our Locksmiths and their customers that we are 100% professional by researching each Locksmith thoroughly to ensure they are Licensed, Bonded, Properly Certified, and Professionally Trained.


1-800-UNLOCKS Partners with Fort Lauderdale Locksmith Big Lock & Key!

1-800-UNLOCKS® is proud to be partnered locally with Big Lock & Key in South Florida.  Big Lock & Key is a member of ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America), a Worldwide locksmith trade organization.  ALOA is tasked with ensuring their members are pre-screened, properly trained, and properly educated on the latest locksmith products, services, and techniques.  Above […]

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