A Busy Bee Lock & Key

Locksmith in Boise, Idaho

A Busy Bee Lock & Key

Locksmith in Boise, Idaho

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  • Sergey

    Called to get keyphob programed. lady over the phone told me it would be $80. So I agreed. Guy comes over before walking up to the car tells me their is a $60 charge for just coming out and plus the $80 for the keyphob. He tells me if I don’t agree to the $80 service plus the $60. That he would leave and still charge me $60. So I agree to it. After multiple attempt to try and figure out the keyphob. He could figure it out how to program it. He still charges me $60 for coming out and $80 for trying to program it. This place needs to be shut down. Please DO NOT USE this locksmith. RIP OFF. Bad reviews on these guys everywhere. Almost every review they all say the same thing. They charge way more then they quote. Steal your information before coming Out so they can still charge your card.

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