About 1-800-UNLOCKS

1-800-UNLOCKS simplifies the connection between customers and great local professional locksmiths.


We are different from all other locksmith marketing firms. We are embedded in the locksmith industry. We help locksmith businesses from the inside out. When each locksmith succeeds, we all succeed.


At our heart,1-800-UNLOCKS is an online Marketing and Advertising company for locksmiths.  We work hard to help locksmiths grow their revenue. We also work to educate consumers about illegal locksmith scams through our Blog and Social Media.


We help locksmiths build brand value by building websites, performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), offering Social Media Management, paid ad campaigns, and provide the trademarked toll-free number to established, legitimate locksmiths who pass our strict application process. All of our locksmith members must be screened thoroughly to ensure professionalism in light of the fact that locksmiths are not required to be licensed in every State.


As of 2017, licensing has not been able to stop illegal locksmith activities. Consumers should be aware that illegal locksmiths are prevalent online and in the phone books. The illegal locksmiths  and locksmith scammers are deceiving the public with their advertising tactics. Do not trust the $19 service call and always ask for your receipt!


Locksmith members are networked via the vanity toll-free number. Customers simply need to dial 800-865-6257 from anywhere in the USA and Canada. Our smart phone system will instantly transfer the call to the closest local professional security technician.

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Our Philosophy

Success is contagious and hard work is imperative. Be timely, accurate, diligent, and effective. Don’t delay what you can do today!

The 1-800-UNLOCKS Vision

To provide locksmiths with the best possible online marketing service at the best possible price. This will build a truly nationwide network of independent locksmiths that can be leveraged to fight against locksmith scammers online.

For more information about building your online presence, visit our locksmith marketing page.