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Richmond is a fascinating and growing city, full of parks, museums, historical sites, and hiking trails. It's our home town and we love RVA! If you happen to need a locksmith in Richmond, please choose one of our Verified or Featured locksmiths to avoid overpaying or potentially ending up with damaged locks, keys, safes, or doors. The locksmiths we recommend can cut spare keys, and perform key fob programming, unlock doors, rekey locks, install deadbolts, program car keys, unlock safes, and much more. You can count on us for automotive locksmith, residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, or safe locksmith services. If you're not looking for a locksmith in Richmond, check out our other Virginia locksmiths. Fun fact, the state of Virginia is one of the few states that does require locksmith companies and technicians to have a specific locksmith license. Hiring a locksmith can come with risks. Our mission at is to ensure you do not hire an untrained locksmith that could end up price gouging you or damaging your property. Be safe and shop smart. Get a fast quote today from a verified locksmith, or call 1-800-865-6257 to automatically connect with a pre-approved nearby locksmith.

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