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Doors Suddenly Hard to Open? Call Your Locksmith for Help.

damaged door is hard to open

Have your home or office doors started sticking or becoming difficult to open? Instead of trying to diagnose and repair damaged doors yourself, call in a professional locksmith for prompt solutions. There are various reasons doors can become hard to operate and a locksmith from 1-800-Unlocks can identify the issue and get them operating smoothly again.

Common Causes of Stiff, Hard-to-Open Doors

Aging, loose hinges are a frequent cause of doors not opening easily. Over time, your door can sag and cause the lock’s latch bolt and strike plate to no longer line up and you may have to lift up on the door to get the lock to fully engage and lock properly.  Excess humidity/moisture can cause the wooden door frame to swell and make the door sticky and hard to open and close.

If your lock is old or just really grimy the internal parts won’t move easily and you may end up having to use extra force to turn the knob or handle which could damage it even more. If you can’t open the door due to your high-tech smart lock not operating properly, digital glitches or dead batteries could be at fault. Even new higher-security deadbolts can get dirt, grit, or other foreign matter inside the lock cylinder which will make the key harder to insert and turn.

Locksmith Techniques for Hard-to-Open Doors

An experienced locksmith has various methods for getting stubborn doors to function normally again. Minor door frame adjustments, door jamb repair, and hinge tightening can often realign doors that are sagging or binding. For sticking locks, your locksmith may be able to clean, repair, and lubricate the lock components so they’re working like new. If the lock is badly damaged or a piece of a broken key is jammed in the lock cylinder and can’t be extracted, your locksmith can replace the lock with a brand-new one.

Finding a Reliable Locksmith

Rather than try and fix a problematic door yourself, let an expert locksmith properly assess and fix the issue. 1-800-Unlocks makes it easy to find highly-trained, experienced locksmiths in your area so you can get prompt support and permanent solutions for those annoying door issues.

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