Aardvark Affordable Lock

Locksmith in Phoenix, Arizona

Aardvark Affordable Lock

Locksmith in Phoenix, Arizona


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  • I used Aardvark locksmith to make a chip key for an Infiniti. This is a task not performed very often. It was completed in no time by a very competent locksmith. Thank you.

  • James Couch

    I purchased a used car 5 years ago and it came with a a keyless entry for, but it did NOT have a door/ trunk key, which would have been really nice to have when the battery in my remote fob died.
    Even though my car was 21 years old, Aardvark was able to do some research that the local Buick dealer was unwilling or unable to do and fashion me 3 keys that all work great.
    If you’re in the Northwest Valley, Aardvark should be your go to guys for any of your locksmith needs, automotive, residential, or business…

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